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Telling it as it is

We were sent this video interview with Iain Duncan Smith, The Secretary of State for Work and Pensions, which was published on 10th March

In this astonishing interview that last only 2.21 minutes, we believe that Duncan Smith was less than truthful twice and made six statements off the top of his head.

This is what he said ….. and, what we believe he really meant.

IDS: “We haven’t actually changed the sanction regime”

We believe what he meant to say was this


“21. Figure 1 provides an outline of how the current system compares with the previous system.”

As can be seen from the table, there has been a marked increase in the severity of sanctions under The Coalition Government of which The Conservatives were the driving force.

Up to 21 October 2012 the maximum length of a JSA sanction was 6 months. Now claimants can be…

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